Kickstarting the arts project in the Combe Valley.


Audio walking routes:

Layered audio works utilising local voices and site recordings to explore the archaeology, social history, geology, flora and fauna of the routes.

Onsite accessible via QR tags, which will be located on way-markers and via this website.

1- Galley Hill, Bexhill to Blackbrooks Garden Centre, St Leonards via Lewis Avenue – marker points to be agreed.

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2. Sidley – Old Railway line

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In the future:-

A map trail will be generated and posted here on the FofCV website and also be part of the Combe Valley Biography project postcard.

Project Managers/ Lead Artists and Curators: Elise Liversedge & Mary Hooper with assistance from artist Julie Willard.

Elise & Mary have worked together since 2005 on a variety of public art works and funded Arts Council projects- involving project management, budget, concept and art implementation. 

Mary is also an experienced sound artist and oral history recorder. To check out her sound archive visit her Soundcloud profile below. 

Mary Hooper on Soundcloud

Their partnership cv can be found on